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Take a Load Off

Jord: What do you think about Kawhi sitting out? Or load management in general?

S: Smart. Your thoughts?

Jord: Smart for players– especially if they get paid for sitting. Bad for everyone else. If I pay to see the clippers vs the lakers in the regular season and kawhi (Or any of the top four) decide they need a break– I’m upset. Likely wouldn’t watch the game, ask for my money back. Bad for revenue, bad for fans. But with kd and kawhi leading the way, this is going to become a regular thing

S: Perhaps the league should build the schedule so that the best match ups have rest days before and after. It would be harder to schedule especially if team rosters are finalized late in the off season.

Jord: I agree. It’s definitely a system flaw. Wonder how adopting your idea affects profits. Also would that make the season longer and encourage players to take low profile games less seriously? Do teams with no top 30 get rests before back to back games?

S: They could reduce the number of games.