Vote by Mail Sale

Neo: Random thought: Can people sell their vote?

Trin: Uh…Don’t they already? Donor money influences how politicians vote bro.

Neo: No, I mean you and I… Can we sell our vote?

Trin: How do you figure?

Neo: People are pushing hard for vote by mail right? How would the government know if I sold my voting postcard to someone who wanted it? Say I sell it to someone. They fill it out and drop it in a mail box. No one has to know and I have money in my pocket. Win – win.

Trin: I’m pretty sure that’s voter fraud yo. The point of vote by mail is to make it easier for the electorate to participate in elections, especially during times when people cant risk voting in person.

Neo: I hear you but how could they prevent people from doing it. No id checks, no in person verification, no signature required. In fact, if one were so inclined, you could buy thousands of votes, drop them in a printer and have them filled out quickly. Sounds like a business opportunity to me.

Trin: So you’re saying elections could be bought…..literally?

Neo: Yup, why not?

Trin: Stupid


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I’m with Neo on this one. Why not sell it, especially if you live in a heavy blue or red state and you don’t care about the outcome either way.

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