H: Just got off the London eye. The check underneath the bench in the pods like security checks underneath a car for bombs? Crazy that they live this way.

J: I dont think its that serious man. Cant be too safe, right? I feel like they do that stuff in America too. Like a parade with garbage trucks blocking streets.

H: I wouldn’t compare it tho. A carousel vs large groups of people. The potential for harm is incomparable. Also went to the winter wonderland in Hyde Park where they did security checks through bags and wanded people. That make sense. Kinda.

J: I feel like its a healthy paranoia. It doesn’t hurt to check but I also don’t imagine that happening in the US.

H: I disagree. Seems like they’ve decided to treat a symptom than the root cause with these measures. Now they live in fear.

J: 2m1s

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