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Mean Girls

B: What do you think? :

G: I can’t say that I think anything about it. As a citizen it’s embarrassing that our president is mocked. But we mock him and he deserves to be mocked so 🤷🏾‍♀️. They’re making fun… over a couple drinks… why not.

B: They sound like girls to me. Like they envy the attention Trump gets and have to share their dislike of it with their peers. Seems like a bad look for them.

G: I didn’t listen to the volume, just read the captions. But sure, I’m sure trump views it the same way you do

B: It think of it like this: we are a star athlete trump is our agent. He should be an asshole to the rest of the world because he is negotiating for us. He’d be a bad agent if he was polite, kind, and nice. He should be arrogant, loud, demanding, and unreasonable in order to secure us great deals.

G: Sounds like you’d have no problem with hitler

B: This is the fastest I’ve seen Godwin’s law exemplified.

G: You’re welcome. Cept I wasn’t comparing trump to hitler, what I said was based on your description of a preferred leader, you would have no problem with hitler. Subtle difference.


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