Impeachment or nah

Ay: What do you think of the impeachment hearings? Do you think they’ll follow through with it?

Se: I tried watching it the first day but couldn’t get through more than 20 minutes of it. Based on the clips I’ve seen, it looks like a flop for dems. They’re committed to it though so they’ll have to follow through. No chance the senate convicts him. Plus how does this help dems? Creating the sense of loss in a Trump voter’s mind before the 2020 election is just bad persuasion. Seems like they’re motivating his supporters to come out HEAVY.

Ay: I don’t think so. The impeachment hearings show how little faith there is in his ability to lead the country lawfully. He even admitted to bribery for God’s sake. He’s proven time and time again that he is incapable of being president and its about time congress does something about it. Whether or not they can get a conviction in the senate is beside the point. Congress has the power and duty to investigate. Period.

Se: Bribery? He wasn’t bribed. He did the “bribing” if you want to call it that. Its standard practice for the American government. Did you have a problem with Obama giving a pile of CASH to Iran prior to the nuclear deal signing? Same sh!% bro.

Ay: That money Obama gave was money owed to the Iran when a airline deal wasn’t fulfilled back in the day. Overall, I think these hearings will galvanize the democratic party to come out in 2020. Especially if the hearings aren’t fruitful. In the end it shows another instance of Trump being a bad President. We’ll see how the voters feel in 2020.


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