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YouTube Trap

Bob: Bro, I’m trying to get my channel to blow up. I’ll be happy with a million. Then I can quit my job.

Dylan: I don’t think you need anywhere close to a million to quit your job bro. Probably need around 100k.

Bob: That’s way too low. Ads on Youtube payout $1-$5 per 1000 views. With a million views that’s $1000-$5000 per vid. Only way to make a living off that. I need to make lots of content that can interest the largest audience to grow quickly and reach that level.

Dylan: There’s another way bro. Make high-quality niche content that appeals to a small but very loyal and engaged audience. Less work in the long run and easier to maintain.

Bob: How could that work? The ad revenue would be too small and the channel wouldn’t grow with niche content.

Dylan: Right, the money doesn’t come from Youtube ads. They come from your own advertisers that would want access to your niche audience. In fact, maybe it would be better to remove Youtube ads entirely.

Bob: No ads at all?

Dylan: Yeah. No ads. Make your videos easy to watch to attract audience. Then when the audience is large enough, you can use it to get your own advertising dollars by contacting companies who want to sell to your audience. Maybe sell your own shit too.

Bob: Sounds like way too much work. Plus Youtube takes care of all the that.

Dylan: It also future proofs you. What if Youtube changes their rates or demonizes you. Doing it yourself is more work upfront but I think would payoff in the long run.

Bob: We’ll see.

Dylan: We shall.