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Freedom to Troll

Dom: Yo, Pharma-bro got seven years in federal prison. I guess you shouldn’t talk shit before your sentence drops. Lol

Amy: Kinda fucked up actually.

Dom: What do you mean?

Amy: Based on the charges he was found guilty on, shouldn’t he have gotten six months instead. Kinda fucked up that shit-talking gets you more time. Feels like a restriction on free speech.

Dom: He deserves it tho. He gouged drug prices and defrauded investors. Then he makes fake threats against a presidential candidate and brags about how little he’ll be sentenced. It’s very stupid.

Amy: It may be stupid but its also free speech. Can we agree that government retaliation for speech in this round-about way is fucked up and kinda unAmerican actually?

Dom: I think of it like karma balancing itself out. Why should shitty people have the freedom to treat people like shit?

Amy: The price of speech I think. Protect speech that the government hates. If they can punish someone more harshly for speech like that, doesn’t that invalidate free speech and discourage others from exercising their rights? Freedom to troll I say!

Dom: Get outta here, lol.



Vote by Mail Sale

Neo: Random thought: Can people sell their vote?

Trin: Uh…Don’t they already? Donor money influences how politicians vote bro.

Neo: No, I mean you and I… Can we sell our vote?

Trin: How do you figure?

Neo: People are pushing hard for vote by mail right? How would the government know if I sold my voting postcard to someone who wanted it? Say I sell it to someone. They fill it out and drop it in a mail box. No one has to know and I have money in my pocket. Win – win.

Trin: I’m pretty sure that’s voter fraud yo. The point of vote by mail is to make it easier for the electorate to participate in elections, especially during times when people cant risk voting in person.

Neo: I hear you but how could they prevent people from doing it. No id checks, no in person verification, no signature required. In fact, if one were so inclined, you could buy thousands of votes, drop them in a printer and have them filled out quickly. Sounds like a business opportunity to me.

Trin: So you’re saying elections could be bought…..literally?

Neo: Yup, why not?

Trin: Stupid


General Science

Hot In Here

Thing 1: Do you think climate change is a problem?

Thing 2: Of course, higher levels of CO2 in the air causes warming which disrupts the equilibrium of ecosystem in the form of higher sea levels, stronger weather events, animal/insect extinction, etc. Would end the habitability of our planet. Sad that we’re doing this to ourselves.

Thing 1: Lets say all of that is true. Is it peculiar that CO2 levels have increased by about 30% over the last few decades despite the human population growing over 300%? If people are the primary cause of CO2 in the atmosphere, shouldn’t we have seen it triple?

Thing 2: Does it matter? Wouldn’t it be better to take action now regardless of whatever the peculiarities might be? We only have one planet after all.

Thing 1: I don’t know if any action needs to be taken. Could this discrepancy reflect how much more efficient we’ve become with energy use over time. I think that could mean we’ll reach a point where our CO2 emissions will eventually level out without changing the rate of technological progress. The problem of “climate change” may solve itself.

Thing 2: I don’t think so but time will tell.