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Trans Athletes

Dude: I don’t really care if trans athletes compete in women sports.

Dame: You should care. Its not fair for biological women to have to compete against people who were formerly men. What if your daughter had to compete against one of these athletes in a contact sport? Would you be worried about their safety?

Dude: I wouldn’t let her compete with trans athletes in a contact sport. If its non-contact, I’d let her. She’ll play in a league with athletes on her level of skill. Plus, women are largely responsible for the tolerance and acceptance of trans people in our culture. Yall have made your bed, now lie in it.

Dame: I think they should be accepted for who they and their truth like anyone else. However, there should be a limit on taking over the things that women have fought so hard for. It took forever for society to allow and accept women sports, so I believe it should be restricted to biological women.

Dude: Isn’t it accepted that these trans athletes are women as far as everyone is concerned, including the medical community? If so, then they should be able to participate.

Dame: I don’t think its right. They should have their own leagues. Plus you never see female to male trans athletes competing in men sports. Only the other way around.

Dude: True, but it’ll eventually happen I think.