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To be, or not to be

Ay: Why wouldn’t you be pro-choice? Aren’t you right-wingers all about personal freedom?

Se: I am about personal freedom. There’s another person involved though; the baby. The baby didn’t choose to be conceived. Why should their life end because the parents decide to end it?

Ay: Its not a person tho. It’s just a clump of cells. Why should a woman have to sacrifice her personal freedom for a clump of cells? I understand that it is a life, a human life in fact, but her rights supersede the rights of cells. I feel it can be treated as a “Person” when consciousness is established. In addition the cells cannot survive on their own. They can’t feel anything either. Til then, woman chooses.

Se: The science is pretty clear. Even as just a bundle of cells, it is undergoing metabolic processes, replicating, growing, contains human DNA that is uniquely different from any other human being that has ever existed or will ever exist in human history (barring identical twins). We can agree that it is human, even as a single cell its a human. Person-hood I believe should be established at the moment of conception. Would you describe someone who is brain dead (not conscious) as deserving of person-hood? Would you describe a preemie as not a person because they cannot take care of themselves? What about a new born?

Ay: That’s different. If the organism is sentient then preserving life is a discussion that can be had. I cant see how it makes sense to force a woman to sustain a bundle of cells.

Se: I really comes down to how we perceive human life.

Ay: Agreed. Two Movies One Screen.



Impeachment or nah

Ay: What do you think of the impeachment hearings? Do you think they’ll follow through with it?

Se: I tried watching it the first day but couldn’t get through more than 20 minutes of it. Based on the clips I’ve seen, it looks like a flop for dems. They’re committed to it though so they’ll have to follow through. No chance the senate convicts him. Plus how does this help dems? Creating the sense of loss in a Trump voter’s mind before the 2020 election is just bad persuasion. Seems like they’re motivating his supporters to come out HEAVY.

Ay: I don’t think so. The impeachment hearings show how little faith there is in his ability to lead the country lawfully. He even admitted to bribery for God’s sake. He’s proven time and time again that he is incapable of being president and its about time congress does something about it. Whether or not they can get a conviction in the senate is beside the point. Congress has the power and duty to investigate. Period.

Se: Bribery? He wasn’t bribed. He did the “bribing” if you want to call it that. Its standard practice for the American government. Did you have a problem with Obama giving a pile of CASH to Iran prior to the nuclear deal signing? Same sh!% bro.

Ay: That money Obama gave was money owed to the Iran when a airline deal wasn’t fulfilled back in the day. Overall, I think these hearings will galvanize the democratic party to come out in 2020. Especially if the hearings aren’t fruitful. In the end it shows another instance of Trump being a bad President. We’ll see how the voters feel in 2020.


Culture General

Billionaire Troll?

J: What do you think of the cyber truck?

S: obvious troll. I think he’s making fun of rivian. OMG. Are people are really falling for this? Do people believe he’s serious?

J: I think so

S: What do y’all think of the cybertruck?

A: The spec sheet is crazy but it looks like they designed it in Minecraft

S: Lol. I think it’s an epic troll. Its inconsistent with the other cars they sell. It definately isnt road legal. Super impractical. And the bullet proof sounds like a joke. This is the same guy who launched a roaster into space. I feel like its more likely he had this car designed and built to troll the media, fanboys, and the short sellers than to actually sell this truck. Kinda brilliant actually.

A: There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s trolling, but I agree there’s some brilliance with this move. Sometimes I feel like he’s catering to the younger audience and purposefully alienating other groups like the ones you mentioned. If you’re not already, you should follow him on Twitter. He’s constantly trolling and joking there, it’s hilarious

S: Lmao. Brilliant.


Culture General

On the Other Foot

iMan: I’m 100% in favor of male birth control as long as it’s not a pill/hormone modification. Giving men control over when they have children can only be good for society. I dont think women would be in favor of it tho.

Jord: How else do you think bc is supposed to work? You have all the access you want to a vasectomy and haven’t been in line for that. At first I wondered how it would affect the population– less kids. But then I realized, like most other things, it wouldn’t be equally accessible to impoverished communities. Which means now we continue to perpetuate the disproportion of wealthy families.

iMan: Not a vasectomy. Reverse inhabiton of sperm under guidance. Vasalgel. Developed and tested in India. Cheap, reversible, effective. It could change the society. No more baby traps. More importantly, women wont need to take birth control pills. Holy crap. I heard about this treatment on reddit almost a decade ago. Finally in approval stage… India.

Jord: So another 20 years for us

iMan: Probably never. Too much money in birth control pills vs a cheap one time polymer injection.


General Sports

Take a Load Off

Jord: What do you think about Kawhi sitting out? Or load management in general?

S: Smart. Your thoughts?

Jord: Smart for players– especially if they get paid for sitting. Bad for everyone else. If I pay to see the clippers vs the lakers in the regular season and kawhi (Or any of the top four) decide they need a break– I’m upset. Likely wouldn’t watch the game, ask for my money back. Bad for revenue, bad for fans. But with kd and kawhi leading the way, this is going to become a regular thing

S: Perhaps the league should build the schedule so that the best match ups have rest days before and after. It would be harder to schedule especially if team rosters are finalized late in the off season.

Jord: I agree. It’s definitely a system flaw. Wonder how adopting your idea affects profits. Also would that make the season longer and encourage players to take low profile games less seriously? Do teams with no top 30 get rests before back to back games?

S: They could reduce the number of games.


General Politics

Gerrymandered too much?

Godzilla: Lol. Gerrymandering is the reason why minorities have representation in government.

Ling: Not really, Probably in more metro areas, But tell me who represents the inner cities in the state outside nyc, The don’t break up towns or villages but it’s mandated to break apart cities, So look at how the districts in nys are broken up, you’ll see the hoods being split up and being in the same districts with the well off areas, Making minorities more disenfranchised. It’ll be hardly possible for them to run for larger offices

Godzilla: So a representative has constituents in both affluent and impoverished areas? Why is that bad? Should hoods be consolidated into one district? Is that best? Plus its elected officials deciding the maps. Seems like if a party wants to prioritize forming safe seats with larger majorities vs moderately risky seats with smaller majorities for more overall seats, its their perogative. How would you change the rules for districting? Should districts be formed to match the racial distribution of the state? Should minorities be pooled into districts? Organized by party affiliation? Divided so that every seat is competitive or so that every seat is safe? Lastly, who makes the decision. Should it remain in the hands of elected politicians? People vote? Third party?

Ling: Elected officials are going to break it down to keep their desired status quo. If there are ways to make it easier to have a more balanced and representive body which will make it more challenging for them to win, why would they change it

Godzilla: Seems like gerrymandering is just a tool. Can be used for good or bad. Seems like Dems complain about it because they suck at math and statistics.

Ling: Lmfao personally, I believe the democrats like gerrymandering as much as any party that’s in control

Godzilla: For sure. Just pandering to their minority base with the anti gerrymandering rhetoric.



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