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YouTube Trap

Bob: Bro, I’m trying to get my channel to blow up. I’ll be happy with a million. Then I can quit my job.

Dylan: I don’t think you need anywhere close to a million to quit your job bro. Probably need around 100k.

Bob: That’s way too low. Ads on Youtube payout $1-$5 per 1000 views. With a million views that’s $1000-$5000 per vid. Only way to make a living off that. I need to make lots of content that can interest the largest audience to grow quickly and reach that level.

Dylan: There’s another way bro. Make high-quality niche content that appeals to a small but very loyal and engaged audience. Less work in the long run and easier to maintain.

Bob: How could that work? The ad revenue would be too small and the channel wouldn’t grow with niche content.

Dylan: Right, the money doesn’t come from Youtube ads. They come from your own advertisers that would want access to your niche audience. In fact, maybe it would be better to remove Youtube ads entirely.

Bob: No ads at all?

Dylan: Yeah. No ads. Make your videos easy to watch to attract audience. Then when the audience is large enough, you can use it to get your own advertising dollars by contacting companies who want to sell to your audience. Maybe sell your own shit too.

Bob: Sounds like way too much work. Plus Youtube takes care of all the that.

Dylan: It also future proofs you. What if Youtube changes their rates or demonizes you. Doing it yourself is more work upfront but I think would payoff in the long run.

Bob: We’ll see.

Dylan: We shall.


Culture General Politics

Freedom to Troll

Dom: Yo, Pharma-bro got seven years in federal prison. I guess you shouldn’t talk shit before your sentence drops. Lol

Amy: Kinda fucked up actually.

Dom: What do you mean?

Amy: Based on the charges he was found guilty on, shouldn’t he have gotten six months instead. Kinda fucked up that shit-talking gets you more time. Feels like a restriction on free speech.

Dom: He deserves it tho. He gouged drug prices and defrauded investors. Then he makes fake threats against a presidential candidate and brags about how little he’ll be sentenced. It’s very stupid.

Amy: It may be stupid but its also free speech. Can we agree that government retaliation for speech in this round-about way is fucked up and kinda unAmerican actually?

Dom: I think of it like karma balancing itself out. Why should shitty people have the freedom to treat people like shit?

Amy: The price of speech I think. Protect speech that the government hates. If they can punish someone more harshly for speech like that, doesn’t that invalidate free speech and discourage others from exercising their rights? Freedom to troll I say!

Dom: Get outta here, lol.



Vote by Mail Sale

Neo: Random thought: Can people sell their vote?

Trin: Uh…Don’t they already? Donor money influences how politicians vote bro.

Neo: No, I mean you and I… Can we sell our vote?

Trin: How do you figure?

Neo: People are pushing hard for vote by mail right? How would the government know if I sold my voting postcard to someone who wanted it? Say I sell it to someone. They fill it out and drop it in a mail box. No one has to know and I have money in my pocket. Win – win.

Trin: I’m pretty sure that’s voter fraud yo. The point of vote by mail is to make it easier for the electorate to participate in elections, especially during times when people cant risk voting in person.

Neo: I hear you but how could they prevent people from doing it. No id checks, no in person verification, no signature required. In fact, if one were so inclined, you could buy thousands of votes, drop them in a printer and have them filled out quickly. Sounds like a business opportunity to me.

Trin: So you’re saying elections could be bought…..literally?

Neo: Yup, why not?

Trin: Stupid


General Science

Hot In Here

Thing 1: Do you think climate change is a problem?

Thing 2: Of course, higher levels of CO2 in the air causes warming which disrupts the equilibrium of ecosystem in the form of higher sea levels, stronger weather events, animal/insect extinction, etc. Would end the habitability of our planet. Sad that we’re doing this to ourselves.

Thing 1: Lets say all of that is true. Is it peculiar that CO2 levels have increased by about 30% over the last few decades despite the human population growing over 300%? If people are the primary cause of CO2 in the atmosphere, shouldn’t we have seen it triple?

Thing 2: Does it matter? Wouldn’t it be better to take action now regardless of whatever the peculiarities might be? We only have one planet after all.

Thing 1: I don’t know if any action needs to be taken. Could this discrepancy reflect how much more efficient we’ve become with energy use over time. I think that could mean we’ll reach a point where our CO2 emissions will eventually level out without changing the rate of technological progress. The problem of “climate change” may solve itself.

Thing 2: I don’t think so but time will tell.


Culture General

Trans Athletes

Dude: I don’t really care if trans athletes compete in women sports.

Dame: You should care. Its not fair for biological women to have to compete against people who were formerly men. What if your daughter had to compete against one of these athletes in a contact sport? Would you be worried about their safety?

Dude: I wouldn’t let her compete with trans athletes in a contact sport. If its non-contact, I’d let her. She’ll play in a league with athletes on her level of skill. Plus, women are largely responsible for the tolerance and acceptance of trans people in our culture. Yall have made your bed, now lie in it.

Dame: I think they should be accepted for who they and their truth like anyone else. However, there should be a limit on taking over the things that women have fought so hard for. It took forever for society to allow and accept women sports, so I believe it should be restricted to biological women.

Dude: Isn’t it accepted that these trans athletes are women as far as everyone is concerned, including the medical community? If so, then they should be able to participate.

Dame: I don’t think its right. They should have their own leagues. Plus you never see female to male trans athletes competing in men sports. Only the other way around.

Dude: True, but it’ll eventually happen I think.




H: Just got off the London eye. The check underneath the bench in the pods like security checks underneath a car for bombs? Crazy that they live this way.

J: I dont think its that serious man. Cant be too safe, right? I feel like they do that stuff in America too. Like a parade with garbage trucks blocking streets.

H: I wouldn’t compare it tho. A carousel vs large groups of people. The potential for harm is incomparable. Also went to the winter wonderland in Hyde Park where they did security checks through bags and wanded people. That make sense. Kinda.

J: I feel like its a healthy paranoia. It doesn’t hurt to check but I also don’t imagine that happening in the US.

H: I disagree. Seems like they’ve decided to treat a symptom than the root cause with these measures. Now they live in fear.

J: 2m1s

General Politics

Mean Girls

B: What do you think? :

G: I can’t say that I think anything about it. As a citizen it’s embarrassing that our president is mocked. But we mock him and he deserves to be mocked so 🤷🏾‍♀️. They’re making fun… over a couple drinks… why not.

B: They sound like girls to me. Like they envy the attention Trump gets and have to share their dislike of it with their peers. Seems like a bad look for them.

G: I didn’t listen to the volume, just read the captions. But sure, I’m sure trump views it the same way you do

B: It think of it like this: we are a star athlete trump is our agent. He should be an asshole to the rest of the world because he is negotiating for us. He’d be a bad agent if he was polite, kind, and nice. He should be arrogant, loud, demanding, and unreasonable in order to secure us great deals.

G: Sounds like you’d have no problem with hitler

B: This is the fastest I’ve seen Godwin’s law exemplified.

G: You’re welcome. Cept I wasn’t comparing trump to hitler, what I said was based on your description of a preferred leader, you would have no problem with hitler. Subtle difference.


Culture Science

To be, or not to be

Ay: Why wouldn’t you be pro-choice? Aren’t you right-wingers all about personal freedom?

Se: I am about personal freedom. There’s another person involved though; the baby. The baby didn’t choose to be conceived. Why should their life end because the parents decide to end it?

Ay: Its not a person tho. It’s just a clump of cells. Why should a woman have to sacrifice her personal freedom for a clump of cells? I understand that it is a life, a human life in fact, but her rights supersede the rights of cells. I feel it can be treated as a “Person” when consciousness is established. In addition the cells cannot survive on their own. They can’t feel anything either. Til then, woman chooses.

Se: The science is pretty clear. Even as just a bundle of cells, it is undergoing metabolic processes, replicating, growing, contains human DNA that is uniquely different from any other human being that has ever existed or will ever exist in human history (barring identical twins). We can agree that it is human, even as a single cell its a human. Person-hood I believe should be established at the moment of conception. Would you describe someone who is brain dead (not conscious) as deserving of person-hood? Would you describe a preemie as not a person because they cannot take care of themselves? What about a new born?

Ay: That’s different. If the organism is sentient then preserving life is a discussion that can be had. I cant see how it makes sense to force a woman to sustain a bundle of cells.

Se: I really comes down to how we perceive human life.

Ay: Agreed. Two Movies One Screen.



Impeachment or nah

Ay: What do you think of the impeachment hearings? Do you think they’ll follow through with it?

Se: I tried watching it the first day but couldn’t get through more than 20 minutes of it. Based on the clips I’ve seen, it looks like a flop for dems. They’re committed to it though so they’ll have to follow through. No chance the senate convicts him. Plus how does this help dems? Creating the sense of loss in a Trump voter’s mind before the 2020 election is just bad persuasion. Seems like they’re motivating his supporters to come out HEAVY.

Ay: I don’t think so. The impeachment hearings show how little faith there is in his ability to lead the country lawfully. He even admitted to bribery for God’s sake. He’s proven time and time again that he is incapable of being president and its about time congress does something about it. Whether or not they can get a conviction in the senate is beside the point. Congress has the power and duty to investigate. Period.

Se: Bribery? He wasn’t bribed. He did the “bribing” if you want to call it that. Its standard practice for the American government. Did you have a problem with Obama giving a pile of CASH to Iran prior to the nuclear deal signing? Same sh!% bro.

Ay: That money Obama gave was money owed to the Iran when a airline deal wasn’t fulfilled back in the day. Overall, I think these hearings will galvanize the democratic party to come out in 2020. Especially if the hearings aren’t fruitful. In the end it shows another instance of Trump being a bad President. We’ll see how the voters feel in 2020.


Culture General

Billionaire Troll?

J: What do you think of the cyber truck?

S: obvious troll. I think he’s making fun of rivian. OMG. Are people are really falling for this? Do people believe he’s serious?

J: I think so

S: What do y’all think of the cybertruck?

A: The spec sheet is crazy but it looks like they designed it in Minecraft

S: Lol. I think it’s an epic troll. Its inconsistent with the other cars they sell. It definately isnt road legal. Super impractical. And the bullet proof sounds like a joke. This is the same guy who launched a roaster into space. I feel like its more likely he had this car designed and built to troll the media, fanboys, and the short sellers than to actually sell this truck. Kinda brilliant actually.

A: There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s trolling, but I agree there’s some brilliance with this move. Sometimes I feel like he’s catering to the younger audience and purposefully alienating other groups like the ones you mentioned. If you’re not already, you should follow him on Twitter. He’s constantly trolling and joking there, it’s hilarious

S: Lmao. Brilliant.